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Hospitalists Billing

Solo Provider or a group of Hospitalist - We've got you covered

Whether you're an individual solo provider or a group of hospitalists rotating through different types of facilities, we can help. ConsulMED has a long history in billing for providers from nearly every facility setting. Place of service codes and coding the proper visit codes for each different facility is no problem for us.

Our provider portfolio consists of providers from specialties such as Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Intensivists, Infectious Disease, seeing patients in any matter of setting from your Ambulatory, critical access hospital, skilled nursing facility down to home health and hospice. We're well versed in collecting data and working with departments in many facilities. We help our hospitalists know which codes to use for each type of facility, which level admit code, and when to use them. Also, specialty codes such as procedures, transitional care, assistance from mid-level practitioners and more.

Are you under coding on long admits?

Here are some of the types we have experience in:

  • Critical Access Hospital (CAH)
  • Long Term Acute Care (LTAC)
  • Skill Nursing Facility (SNF)
  • Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facility (CORF)
  • Independent Surgical Centers
  • Ambulatory Hospital
  • Rural Facility