Consulmed: Medical Billing & Consulting Specialist

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The Consulmed Difference

Perfect blend of technology & personal touch

From the very first day, we knew technology was a key factor to Consulmed's success. Consulmed's systems and software have been written and maintained completely in-house. David Gillies (partner) has been the architect behind the design and program development of Consulmed systems. Having our systems developed in-house helps us to innovate and adapt with industry changes immediately as they come along. While we rely on technology, we haven't lost sight of the importance of people handling accounts. Our AAPC certified coders read and examine all reports, notes, and superbills to maximize your billings and profitability while still maintaining compliancy. All denials and rejections are personally reviewed by our Account Representatives to ensure correct processing and proper corrections and resubmissions. Your patients don't want an automated system, recording, or someone they can't communicate clearly with. Our account representatives are there to assist patients with any billing questions.


Just as the medical industry has specialists, at Consulmed we have teams of specialists for every aspect of medical billing. This allows us to have experts all along the way, from the time we receive the initial billing from the client to working with insurances and their denials, and up through working with patients for their portion.

Treated with Care

We train our teams that each patient is a customer of your practice. Many times they have a choice of where to go and we want the whole experience to be positive to ensure your patients continue to return to your practice.

In the details

Many in-house billers or low cost billing companies take the cream off the top and hide many details. They lure you in with low costs and percentages, then add them on later. We make sure we are up front with the services you'll receive and costs you can expect. No hidden details or fine print. This is where we more than make up the difference.