Consulmed: Medical Billing & Consulting Specialist

Why am I receiving a statement

Even though you may have insurance, you are responsible for payment of your account.

We have several account representatives that specialize in helping you get your claim paid through your insurance.

We bill all insurances as a courtesy. If your insurance has changed or is incorrect, please contact us.

Please note that your account balance may include some portion that is waiting action from your insurance.

As a courtesy, until the account is paid, you will receive a statement each month showing recent account activity.

You may be receiving this bill if you have received services at a hospital or other medical facility

You may receive a bill from the hospital and one from the physician providing the service. Whenever a radiological procedure (X-ray, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine Scan, or Ultrasound) is performed, there are two components or charges.

Total Cost of Service

The first component is for the work done in taking and processing the x-ray or scan. This is called the technical charge and is billed to you by the hospital. It covers the expense for the film, equipment, supplies and technologists' services. The hospital or clinic will keep all records, reports, and films as part of your medical record.

The second component is the work done by a radiologist. A radiologist is a physician who specializes in the reading and interpretation of radiological exams. The radiologist bill for their specialized services which include the interpretation of your examination and a written report or ocnsultation to your referring physician. Though you frequently will have no personal contact with the radiologist, one will always personally analyze all examinations.

What does it mean when my statement says "pending insurance"?

Pending insurance means that we are currently billing your insurance and working with them for a portion of your balance.