Consulmed: Medical Billing & Consulting Specialist

Our Story

in business since 1993

Consulmed,LLC. started with partner Cheryl Gillies. Cheryl had worked at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah -- as a Medicare specialist. Finding that she could market her knowledge to any practice that dealt with Medicare, she started as a coder and consulter to local physicians in the Wasatch Front.

She then began to get requests from physicians to do their billing. She was hesitant at first because she knew that at the time there wasn't any software that was sufficient in billing and collections.

Consulmed Building

She asked Dave Gillies to write software to fit what was missing in the other applications. They set out together to make Consulmed, LLC. the premier billing service in Utah. Consulmed became Consulmed, LLC. in 1993. After two years of being just a side project they both went to full-time billing and collections.

Consulmed, LLC. has grown to over 50 employees and is in the "Utah's Top 100" businesses for the year 2000. Consulmed, LLC. understands the type of relationship and quality of service that clients appreciate and are constantly exceeding standards set by the industry.

Consulmed is constantly growing and changing as the industry grows and new needs appear.