Consulmed: Medical Billing & Consulting Specialist
Consulmed: Medical Billing & Consulting Specialist

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Medical Billing & Consulting for over 25 years

  • Mountain View Foot and Ankle Clinic

    I have been a customer of ConsulMed since 2012. Over the course of my years of practice and I have used 5 different billing companies. I have greatly appreciated their professionalism, assistance, their willingness to teach my staff and myself correct billing principles. I appreciate their experience especially in the podiatry profession which has its own billing nuances. One of my favorite services they provide is the ability to monitor daily, weekly and monthly the progress of your collections, missing soap notes and work submitted. Their staff is very willing to address questions or concerns, problems with insurance and collections. They are a full-service company I recommend without hesitation.

    -David B. Glover, DPM, FACFAS

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    Deseret Peak Anesthesia

    I'd like to share my experience working with Consulmed over the past 9 years. We are an Anesthesia group of 7 providers and have been very happy with the service Consulmed has provided both to our customers and to our Anesthesia group. Any problems or questions our customers may have, Consulmed has been quick and professional at resolving. Personally, anytime I've emailed them with a question or something I need taken care of they have it done usually that day or by the next business day. About 2 years ago we were talked into trying out a big national billing company that said they could save us some money on fees and collect a lot more per procedure. Within 6 months we had administration at both our hospital and surgical center meeting with us due to irate customers but when we would call to try to resolve issues it would usually take weeks due to all the bureaucracy. Needless to say after 12 months of multiple complaints from our patients and my coworkers we left and came back to Consulmed. Consulmed is worth their weight in Gold. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone else looking for a top of the line billing company.

    -Jeff Green, CRNA

  • Hunter Imaging Associates

    I have worked with Consulmed for about 12 years. Trust has developed over this time through consistency and dependability in regard to credentialling and monthly billing services provided for three corporations and over 15 practice locations with which I have had affiliation. Employees of Consulmed are prompt and effective in addressing problems which arise through the usual course of billing for a medical practice. I offer a strong recommendation without reservation for Consulmed.

    -Edgar Booth, MD

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    Logan Radiology Group

    We have used Consulmed as a billing service since about 2001. At that time, they promised us "Nordstrom type service", and they have since delivered well. We are able to have individual customer service to the point where those who need payment plans or more time to pay can be treated fairly and with respect. When uncommon patient complaints arise, we can check recordings to hear conversations and double check that our patients are treated respectfully. Our group can highly recommend the services of Consulmed.

    -C. Richard Hopkins, MD

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    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah, LLC.

    Our working relationship with Consul Med has been nothing but exceptional. They are efficient and detail oriented with claim processing, reliable, and always professional. It is so comforting to know, when we ask a patient to contact our medical billing company, that they will always be handled respectfully and get the highest service available. I cannot imagine running our practice without them. They have increased our medical billing revenue and have eliminated our medical billing headache!

    -Jen E.
    Business Coordinator

  • Ashdown Surgical

    I am a General Surgeon who has practiced General Surgery in northern Utah and southern Idaho since 1992. I have operated primarily out of Brigham City Community Hospital but have also extended my practice to Bear River Valley Hospital, Oneida County Hospital, Logan Regional Hospital and Franklin County Medical Center in Preston, Idaho. Since the beginnings of my solo surgical practice and extending throughout my surgical career Consulmed, LLC has managed the billing and accounts for our surgical practice. They have without exception been efficient, courteous and professional in both interacting with our patients and our office personnel as well. They have been vigorously proactive in being well educated and well informed with regards to the myriad of rules, regulations and laws that impact the efficacy and success of our practice. They have been highly successful in dealing with insurance companies and procuring appropriate and fair compensation for services provided. It is without hesitation or reservation that I offer my highest recommendation regarding Consulmed, LLC and the services that they offer.

    -Jan Ashdown, MD

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    Intermountain Lipid Center

    I've found ConsulMed to be consistent and rapid in performing my clinic billing. They are affordable, but at the same time accessible, cheerful, responsive and flexible in helping with my questions and any special cases. I recommend them without hesitation to my colleagues.

    -Eliot A. Brinton, MD, FAHA, FNLA

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