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Sophisticated Reporting

Without proper reporting, how do you know how well your practice is doing? Are you profitable? Are you breaking even? Are you losing money? Are your immunization payments covering costs? Are you making money or at least breaking even on your labs? What is your net collection ratio for your practice? How much and how old is your A/R?

All vital questions a provider must be able to answer about his practice!

Consulmed offers reporting on every level a medical practice could need, and because our systems are completely in-house, we can report ANYTHING in our system. A few things you should get from your reporting to ensure practice efficiency...

  • Monthly receipts
  • Monthly charges
  • Total adjustments & write offs
  • Refunds & insurance take backs
  • Amount to collections
  • Total current accounts receivables
  • Net collection ratio
  • Gross collection ratio
  • Bankruptcy ratio
  • Bad debt ratio
  • Encounters & procedures
  • Actual deposits in bank
  • Historical data for trend analysis
  • Practice location analysis (for multiple practice locations)
  • Evaluation & management statistics
  • Aging breakdown
  • Fee Schedule analysis
  • Material cost analysis