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Ideal Practice

Practice Management


Credentialing, also known as paneling, is a lot of work and it requires a great deal of time and sometimes expertise. Allowing Ideal Practice to take over this very slow and menial process helps to ensure your ability to see patients quicker and not worry about whether or not you'll be reimbursed for the service.

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Ideal Practice has been dealing with Insurance companies since we started out over 10 years ago. We have been very successful at comparing insurance fee schedules to other providers and tracking benchmarks year to year. Our reliable data/benchmarks allow us to give insurance companies the ability to justify fair compensation. We negotiate higher rates that are based on true practice factors such as higher malpractice premiums, decreased patient volume, inflation, etc.


Practices that start with Ideal Practice come out of school ready to see Patients. We do everything and anything needed to get you started seeing patients earlier than other graduates. The checklist is a long and tedious process, but we have proven it can be done better by using the Ideal Practice method.

Business Management

Ideal Practice started with the idea that we could be the quarterback to your team. Let us be your business manager and save money! When you hire Ideal Practice, you hire and experienced team of professionals who don't take up office space, don't require benefit packages, gives you comparatives across your profession to benchmark your business with, and do it all for a fraction of the full-time business manager cost. Let us give you the tools to succeed.