Consulmed: Medical Billing & Consulting Specialist

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Let us help you see things differently.

The idea of Consulmed all stemmed from consulting work that Cheryl Gillies did in the early 90's. The doctors she was consulting for said "Why don't you just do our billing?" We have been consulting and billing ever since.


Cheryl Gillies has been coding since coding was standardized in the late 80's. She leads a team of certified coders that brings priceless expertise and experience that can benefit any practice.

Claims Entry

If charges are not documented and entered in a timely manner, it will have drastic repercussions on a practice's cash flow.


How do your collection numbers look? Allow us to give some fresh ideas on how to quantify, analyze, and improve your collections.

Fee Schedule

The easiest raise one gets is to not leave money on the table. Let us help your practice get every cent it has earned.

Business Processes

Over the twenty-five plus years of being in business, we have seen really successful practices and our fair share of dysfunctional ones. We can offer ideas and processes to maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes.